4 Tips to Improving Organizational Security Behaviors


Do you spent countless amounts of money and energy educating your employees on security awareness and habits? Are your efforts effective? Research shows that only a small percentage of organizations get the results they are aiming for when it comes to employee behavior and IT security. Below are a few tips on how to better educate staff on security risks and influence positive behaviors in your processes.

1. Understand Risk - Deliver a Different Message to those with Different Security Risks

Not everyone in your organization possesses the same amount of risk. Perform a security assessment to determine which individuals carry the most amount of risk in the event of a data compromise. Create solutions based on the different risk levels you uncover. Consider your audience and tailor your message to that individual or group in a way that makes sense to them.

2. Continue to Evolve your Security Processes

Don’t settle for a single solution or security process. Continue to build your approach in a simple, user-friendly manner. This will help with adoption and protect against new threats. Always your challenge your current system and make changes that support your staff.

3. Influence Positive Behaviors – Create Ownership & Accountability

Discuss how people can play an integral role in strengthening security. Create ownership and help staff members recognize that they are an important piece of the security puzzle. Their decisions matter; therefore instead of just telling them, show them via explicit example what they can do to protect the organization from compromise. Trust is key here, motivate employees by empowering them to make decisions. Also, hold people accountable for their actions. Reward good behavior and address improper behavior constructively.

4. Create a Timeline for Change

Once you have conducted your risk assessment and developed a security plan, the next step is to set a timeline for implementation. Change doesn’t happen overnight, therefore you must be realistic with your expectations. Patience and persistence are of the utmost importance – it could takes months or years depending on your plan.

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