5 Best themes for #Windows10 that you must try

Aurora Borealis


Who doesn’t love the view of the beautiful northern night light?
This theme is a collection of some of the best wallpapers showing the epic scenery of Auroras and it all brings it to your Windows 10 desktop in the form of this theme.

South Indian Beaches


India is a land of diversity and you will find all sorts of beautiful sceneries. The South Indian beaches of India are one of the best beaches you will see around the world. There is a beauty in the chaos at the beaches of South India.
You can have that calmness and scenery on your desktop as well using this theme.



Who doesn’t like a nice green and beautiful footpath. A calm and a brisk walk on one such path will refresh your day and make you totally stressfree!
This theme has images of various green paths, wooden staircases, forest lanes and trails and they are all beautiful.



There are total of 20 different images in the theme that you can use as a wallpaper. Beautiful images from the waterscapes of Cornish seaside, Cumbrian lakes, and Northumbrian coast and more are included in this theme.

Scenes from Yosemite


Take a look at the beautiful sceneries of Yosemite, California through the lenses of the famous photographer Ingo Scholtes.

How to apply themes in Windows 10?

Windows 10 hasn’t changed much when it comes to the core functionality. Microsoft has just polished it to make it a better OS for both PC as well as mobile devices.
Downloading and install Windows 10 themes is not anything you should worry about. Just make sure you follow the steps I have mentioned in the procedures section below and you will have a new theme applied on your Windows 10 desktop in no time at all and this is a very easy process that you can follow.

Procedure to apply themes on Windows 10

•We have linked to each and every theme we have mentioned above.
•To download the theme, just click on the title of the theme and it will open a link into a new window.
•Now you will see a page that looks like the page we have embedded below. Take a look.
•Click the button that reads Download theme.
•The theme will be downloaded in some time and it might take some time depending on the size of theme that you are downloading.
•After the theme is downloaded, just double click and open the downloaded file and you will see that the Personalization window will open up.
•You can set the theme from here and you can also change the wallpapers.
•You can also change the color scheme of the theme if you wish to.
Source: http://windowsable.com/5-best-beautiful-themes-for-windows-10-that-you-must-try/

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