5 Great Power BI for Office 365 Case Studies


Power BI for Microsoft Office 365 debuted earlier this year. The business intelligence tool that helps users analyze, visualize and share data in Microsoft Excel is already generating powerful success stories. Follow us as we share 5 great case studies and explore the power of Power BI.


Beth Deaconess Medical Center Shortens Query Times

Goal: Improve performance for mission-critical applications
Challenge: It took up to 45 seconds to run a query due to the growing volume of data
Solution: Beth Deaconess Medical Center combined the capabilities of SQL server 2014, Azure HDInsight and Power BI for Office 365 to simplify their IT management and deploy new features without rewriting applications. The result, query times were taken down from 45 seconds to 10 seconds.


Carnegie Mellon University Cuts Energy Usage

Goal: Understand and effectively manage energy efficiency in their large buildings
Challenge: Managing energy usage across Carnegie Mellon’s seven schools and colleges.
Solution: Carnegie Mellon University and OSIsoft teamed up to create a Power BI solution know as a PI System. This system allowed them to record energy usage over time, by category, by build and so on. The PI system utilizes Power Query, Q&A and Power Maps to ask questions of the data and get immediate answers. The neat thing about it, the data gets displayed in a map-based format. As a result, the university was able to reduce their energy consumption by 30 percent.


MediaCom Increases Productivity and Optimizes Ad Campaigns

Goal: Optimize performance and spending of their ad campaigns
Challenge: MediaCom was using isolated systems, numerous third-party data sources and cumbersome BI software
Solution: Using Microsoft and Power BI for Office 365, the company generated a “health check” which analyzed the many components of a media such as paid media effectiveness, earned media effectiveness, ratio of earned media to paid media, client value and longitudinal performance. By implementing these new business intelligence measures, MediaCom increased productivity by 10 percent and gained anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars per campaign.


LC Waikiki Deploys BI to Mobile Workforce

Goal: Implement better reporting tools for it mobile workforce
Challenge: Unreliable internet connections made it difficult for field employees to manage increasing amounts of data
Solution: LC Waikiki which operates 460 stores in 17 countries and continues to grow (rapidly) uses BI tools on-site through SQL Server 2012 Enterprise. They decided to extend this model with cloud-based Power BI for Office 365 and saved $1 million a year in IT costs.


Enlighten Designs Helps Clients Unlock Their Data

Goal: Help customers benefit from BI tools
Challenge: To find a solution that included tools easy enough to use by employees at all levels of an organization
Solution: Enlighten Designs is using Power BI for Office 365 to help clients such as schools and small businesses unlock data so they can start analyzing it. One of their clients is now using the Power BI tool set to pinpoint which students are struggling and in danger of dropping out.


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