6 Tips to Lighten the Data Load and Make Way for Lean Information Governance


Companies are accumulating data at an alarming rate. Much like humans have the ability to gain weight if we don’t watch what we eat, the same goes for data…and the results are just as costly. If your organization suffers from data bloat, read our tips below on how to trim “the fat” for good.



  • IDC estimates that enterprise data growth will average 50% each year through 2016.
  • 20% of the IT budget is expected to be consumed by storage costs.
  • New forms of communication such as IM, social enterprise and media platforms will drive up data volumes exponentially.
  • The CGOC found that 69% of information in most companies has no business, legal or regulatory value.
  • Gartner estimates that every single gigabyte of data that can be removed from the collection save a company on average $18,000.
1. Get Help – Recruit assistance from the entire organization as this is not an IT-specific problem. Have each department identify information safe for disposal and develop a data lifecycle process. The CGOC has created guidelines to help generate a data “weight-loss” plan, take advantage of it. Not only will this plan help cut data weight but it will reduce storage costs and potential risk for your company.
2. Start Small – Small gains can help build momentum in shedding mega pounds. Trying to rid the entire organization of its unnecessary data all at once is overwhelming and frankly unattainable.Start with one department and use the trimming knowledge gained here to streamline and improve your process.
3. Invest in Technology – Using the projected ROI from a reduction in your company’s data weight, invest in technology that will help you analyze and target existing information that’s actually disposable. These technologies can sort, classify, and manage data that has been neglected or hiding for years.
4. Focus on Easy Stuff First - This goes hand-in-hand with starting small, but if you remove the data most easily identifiable as junk you’ve already lost almost half the weight without breaking a sweat.
5. Set Goals – This will provide a tangible picture of success and hopefully keep momentum going strong.
6. Change Behaviors – Once you’ve shed those data pounds, it is important to keep them off. Develop a series of trainings and systems to ensure everyone has a lean mindset when it comes to company information.
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