Aggressive Actions In Cyberspace


On September 17, the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services released information describing an investigation on Chinese hackers.
“These peacetime intrusions into the networks of key defense contractors are more evidence of China’s aggressive actions in cyberspace,” said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., the committee’s chairman. “Our findings are a warning that we must do much more to protect strategically significant systems from attack and to share information about intrusions when they do occur.”
The report found that Chinese hackers successfully broke into U.S. Transportation Command contractors’ computer systems at least 20 times this past year. The investigation found that TRANSCOM, which is responsible for moving troops and equipment around the world, was only aware of two of those security breaches. The committee included a provision in its version of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 directed at addressing reporting gaps and improving the way in which the Department disseminates information about cyber intrusions into the computer networks of operationally critical contractors.
United States Senate Committee on Armed Services Press Release: SASC investigation finds Chinese intrusions into key defense contractors

Important Reminders:

- With cyber security threats constantly popping up in the news today, it is essential to have protocols in place to protect data
- Information-sharing rules can increase security and prevent a breach
- It’s important for IT security professionals to understand and explain all security policies to staff so suspicious behavior can be reported as soon as threats occur

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