New Team Member: Amanda Hawthorne, Corporate Talent Manager


Amanda Hawthorne joined the Managed Solution team as a Corporate Talent Manager on October 28, 2015. Amanda spent the last few years working HR at another tech firm in San Diego. She studied Human Development at UC Davis and is currently wrapping up an HR Certificate at UCSD Extension. Amanda is passionate about all things corporate culture and looks forward to supporting the team at Managed Solution.

Amanda was born in sunny California, but grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta. She returned to the West (Best) Coast in 2004. Out of the office, Amanda enjoys taking advantage of San Diego's craft beer and music scenes and loves spending time with her lab-mix, Mayla. She's a novice gardener and proudly grew her first tomatoes this summer. Another fun fact about Amanda is that she was a volunteer doula in college and has assisted in ~20 labor/deliveries.

Please join me in welcoming Amanda Hawthorne to the Managed Solution team!

At Managed Solution, we strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people - CAREERS

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