Are Public Agencies Playing The Cloud Board Game?


Last month, posted information to help government agencies get better at buying cloud-based services in an info graphic illustrating a cloud board game. Although you cannot actually play the board game, it does provide a fun illustration with simplified steps for moving to the cloud. They created 21 Steps to the Cloud to provide an easy guide to help public agencies understand the procedure of buying software, infrastructure and platforms as a service.
The information on the design includes the below steps to consider when selecting technology service providers:
  • Operations – steps to assure that your cloud provider’s system performance and service reliability meet your needs
  • Audits – traditional auditing practices can help you control public expenditures
  • Security – its imperative to ensure your data is safe and encrypted
  • Personnel – data must be secure no matter where it is
  • Breach Notification – prompt notice of a security incident gives agencies time to take action
  • Data – it is essential for public agencies to protect data integrity
You can view the full document and further information here:
21 Steps to the Cloud offers a quick guide when looking at cloud solutions. Cloud and As-A-Service Procurements is another report released by outlining the changes needed for more flexible and agile procurement processes. To download the full report, visit:
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