Cloud Readiness Assessment


The first step to a successful cloud migration is to assess, price and validate your cloud migration. This assessment is a comprehensive review of your business' infrastructure - your organization as a whole, operations and technology. This assessment focuses on determining if you are, or evolving your organization to a point where you are, ready to move a significant portion of your infrastructure to the cloud.



Determine if your current infrastructure is ready to move to the cloud with an in-depth view into what you currently have in order to identify any areas that may need to be improved. This way, you can build these planned improvements into your budget for the cloud migration.


Once we have fully assessed your current infrastructure, we can establish a clear view of what your organization needs to migrate to the cloud. We can then compare pricing of a variety of IaaS providers and show you what a cloud IaaS solution will cost your organization as compared to traditional delivery models.


Use this assessment to properly plan, budget, and validate your cloud migration.


To determine if your current infrastructure is ready for a cloud migration, fill out the form below to schedule a no-obligation Cloud Readiness Assessment (valued at up to $1,000), and one of our Cloud Solution Experts will contact you shortly.


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