This past weekend’s College Bound event was all about connections!

6.6.15---College-BoundThis past weekend’s College Bound event was all about connections, with activities designed to give participants the opportunity to begin creating their community of volunteer Coaches and other youth! That’s why the symbol of the day was the puzzle piece, a nod to how we’re all interconnected to create a bigger picture result.
College Bound stories. Anyone who has attended JIT’s signature event over the past 10 years has at least one to share. And the youth and volunteers who have been active participants can speak eloquently of the process of breaking down barriers to forge unexpected relationships, creating a foundation for academic success and fulfilling the promise of youth empowerment to turn dreams into reality.
On June 6, some of those stories were shared and dozens more were created when College Bound 2015 took place at USD. Supporting JIT through their College Bound Program for over five years, the Managed Solution team was excited to take part in the activities this past weekend.
Managed Solution started supporting Just in Time for Foster Youth in June of 2010 through their College Bound Program by helping procure and distribute laptops and printers to JIT Youth who enrolled in their College Bound program. Managed Solution made a commitment to JIT that they would also provide helpdesk support to College Bound youth for the term of their college career. Today we are proud to say we are supporting more than 400 JIT youth!
The Managed Solution team is showing their support for College Bound 2015 by volunteering at their annual events and prepping 75 laptops that will be distributed to the College Bound Youth on June 20, 2015 10am-3pm @USD Campus.
The Managed Solution team has a goal to raise $5000. Please help us reach this goal by visiting our College Bound Fundraising page: Donate here
Managed Solution demonstrates its commitment to people through contributions, charitable sponsorships and employee volunteer programs in the communities where we work and live. To learn more about Managed Solution’s charitable sponsorships, visit our community page.
A non-profit organization to support foster youths with donation of technology tools including Laptops and printers. This is to assist with their continued skill development after they turn 18 years old. Each year, approximately 300 youth reach the age of 18 and transition out of the foster care. But with little or no support the odds and the statistics are stacked against them. Managed Solution invites supporters to once again invest to support the JIT programs that build self-sufficiency for over 500 youth each year.

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