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computer-science-education-week-manage-solutionComputer Science Education Week

By Kelly Cronin
The first full week of December is Computer Science Education Week, celebrating the importance of computer science education for both students and educators alike.  Computer science education has the power to shape our future, and it is becoming more and more prevalent in classrooms all over the country.  Take a look at how new technologies are benefitting computer science education.

Managed Solution displayed the HoloLens at CalPoly Cyber Security & Awareness Fair

Managed Solution participated in the 2016 Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Security & Awareness Fair.  The fair aimed to bring awareness to the world of Cyber Security where our entire world is progressing into an internet connected world.  At the fair students and faculty got to experience a variety of speakers that have in-depth knowledge of the Cyber Security do’s and don’ts and experience in the Cyber Security field, a poster contest where students displayed their research of pressing issues in the Information Technology Industry, and a hands-on exhibit that allowed students to experience the world of a typical attacker on Internet of Things products.
Read the full press release here >>

Students demonstrate their HoloLens apps after a quarter of VR and AR design

At the University of Washington, a computer science classroom is equipping their students with HoloLens headsets to let them develop their own apps. One app developed is called HoloScanner, which redesigns the process of scanning a room and turns it into a game that can then be used for other apps. Other apps include augmented reality cooking, a painting app, and more.
Check out the HoloScanner app video and more here>>

HackingSTEM: Using Computational Thinking to Understand Earthquakes

Millions of students worldwide are in the process of discovering the possibilities of instructing machines to accomplish tasks. Whether completing the Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial, or watching a Pixar In a Box episode on Khan Academy, the spirit of discovery, experimentation and the art of Computer Science is celebrated while students build core 21st century software engineering skills.
This month, the Education Workshop has partnered with the California Academy of Sciences and KQED to combine coding with mechanical engineering and data science to empower students to use computational thinking to experience how engineers and computer scientists are working together to mitigate the impact of earthquakes.
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