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We Have to Be Dreamers –  Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.

Here at Managed Solution, we thrive in an energetic, performance-driven environment where results, teamwork, and quality of customer satisfaction are recognized and rewarded. Our corporate culture is diverse, open and creative. Above all, we are focused on organically growing our solution service offerings while delivering outstanding client support. We look for team members with proven experience, a strong sense of passion and dedication to the highest levels of excellence, technology and business ethics.

We strive to be the best technology based company by investing in our top assets; our people. Explore some of our employee programs and achievements below. We also believe in creating a solid foundation of good will by investing in our community, both economically and socially.

Whether it’s the clients we serve, our fellow teammates or those in our daily lives, Managed Solution is about people. Every day is filled with challenges that we must overcome.  It’s how we overcome those challenges that defines who we are. Sometimes that means not knowing something today, but having the answer tomorrow. Other times that means knowing when to reach out for help from a teammate. Nonetheless, it always means that we never quit.



The Home Run Derby is a program that provides fun incentives for our engineers to fulfill Microsoft certifications by using a customized incentive path with a baseball theme in mind. The program is structured to give individuals a customized plan that specially aligns with their daily technical skills, as well as a plan for teams to earn points and money for successfully passing Microsoft certification exams. Managed Solution announces when an engineer hits a homerun and moves up in stats.


Managed Solution recognizes outstanding employees (players) by awarding them Player of the Month. This award is given on a monthly basis to a Managed Solution player who has knocked the socks off of one of our members of leadership by living up to the Managed Solution Core Values on a daily basis. Our values are important. They’re the foundation behind all we do.Players of the Month are recognized and highlighted on the Wall of Fame and rewarded with an extra day of PTO to use on a day of their choice.

Player of the Month Winners:

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