Modern Workplace Solutions

Enhance your team’s productivity and collaboration
in a secure and reliable environment

Productivity and collaboration are of the utmost importance in today’s office environment. No longer are the days where you sit at your office desk in front of the same desktop computer from 9AM-5PM. Odds are, you’re working on a variety of different devices, from anywhere at any time.

In today’s world where you’re constantly on the go and working from all corners of the earth, you still need to be connected to your colleagues. How can you stay connected in real-time and in a secure and reliable way? Leveraging the cloud through Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy.

Collaboration Tools

Today’s employees want flexibility in where and when they work, access to the latest devices and technology — and they expect their employer to make it easy for them. To keep up with the pace of change and the speed of business, they need to access their work remotely, connect with their team, and meet with customers or partners in ways that support virtual teams. Here are a few tools that allow you to achieve this:

Microsoft Teams

The ultimate collaboration and communication tool. Connect people and content through chat, file sharing, and meetings with audio and video both internally and externally. Plus, you can integrate other applications for easy access to specific documents or files.


Easily backup, store, share, and access all your files from any place on any device at any time. Collaborate on Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote files in real-time with other colleagues. Finally, a system that doesn’t overwrite each other’s work and allows you to work simultaneously

Microsoft Flow

Automation at its best. Flow allows you to create workflows that integrate between your applications. You can connect your email alerts, synchronize files and more.


Access your documents from anywhere with this document management and storage system. Files have never been easier to find with its search functionality and you can control who has access to which files and share across teams.

Microsoft Planner

Perfect for teams that have remote employees across the city, county, state or globe. Planner is digital task management tool that functions as an information hub, communication center for shared projects, and categorization for those projects.

Microsoft Forms

Need to gather information from your team like where your monthly meetup should be held this month? Microsoft Forms can do just that — it’s a tool to create forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls.

Security Solutions for a Modern Workplace

It’s a new world, and organizations are working from anywhere, anytime, leaving them more vulnerable than ever before to potential hacks and breaches. Our security solutions protect the modern day worker, keeping your employees and data safe.

Fortify Network Security

Meet your security and compliance requirements with this Security Information & Events Management tool. Fortify Network Security allows you to collect and analyze information from network devices, manage endpoint logs, and create alerts to assure your client is covered.

Remote Desktop Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a VPN, Remote Desktop Solution or Virtual Desktop, our engineers are experts in setting up all three. Whatever your situation is, it’s critical that your users are accessing what they need securely while remote.

Endpoint Security Management

It’s now more important than ever to remain vigilant against outside threats. Gain the ability to detect, remove remediate and roll back features to endpoints to help prevent and recover from outside threats. If your users are remote and using personal devices, it’s critical to have a solution like this in place.

Phishing Attack Simulator

During times of crisis, we see malicious attacks increase, and organizations, now with more remote workers, are more vulnerable than ever. The best defense to stop phishing is well-trained employees. We can help you run simulated phishing attacks to test and train your employees on what they need to look out for.

Modernizing Your Workplace: Use Cases for Your Industry

Modern Workplace for Healthcare

With so many patients to see on a daily basis, coordination between your staff can be challenging.  Microsoft Office 365 improves the flow of information and decision making across different teams and keeps patients your number one priority.  Additionally, with all the data privacy laws, Microsoft provides a secure and compliant solution that is easy to use in a fast-paced environment.

Modern Workplace for Biotech

By modernizing your workspace with Office 365, you’re able to go beyond a traditional intranet by taking advantage of the full suite of modern Microsoft communication, collaboration, and productivity tools. With OneDrive and SharePoint, employees across the company can store and coauthor documents in the cloud, access company information in a unified location, and connect with colleagues globally. As a result, this can greatly accelerate sharing vital information about new research and discoveries and enables you to quickly adapt with your ever-evolving business needs.

Modern Workplace for Finance

The finance industry has been experiencing so many changes as it moves away from the traditional brick-and-mortar style and shift to the digital world. Many doing so are embracing a cloud environment which enables remote access on multiple devices, real-time collaboration, and a ton of cost savings. Plus, with identity management, multiple device management, and other tools, it’s easy to remain secure and compliant with industry requirements such as SEC and FINRA.