EHRs and Meaningful Use Incentives: What You Need to Know


In an effort to encourage advancement in our health care system, Medicare and Medicaid are offering incentives for meaningful use of Electronic Health Records. The goal is to improve health care quality, safety and efficiency through the use of EHR and corresponding IT capabilities. Currently, legislation (HITECH) grants the Department of Health & Human Services authority to develop measures that will improve health care through the use of information technology and secure EHR exchange. There are four regulations currently in place; two that aim to define meaningful use objectives and two that identify the required technical capabilities.
Once certified EHR technologies are adopted, there are specific measures and objectives that must be met using the stages outlined below. These stages are set to evolve over the next several years and aim to achieve what Medicare and Medicaid define as meaningful use of Electronic Health Records.

Table Adapted from HealthIT.Gov – Meaningful Use

Since the overall goal is to improve the quality and consistency of health care, meaningful use of patient information can lead to a variety of benefits for all parties involved. With better access to complete and accurate information providers will know more about a patient’s history which can lead to earlier diagnoses and better management of health issues. Furthermore, meaningful use of Electronic Health Records can facilitate the flow of information between doctors’ offices, hospitals and across health systems. Patients may also feel empowered by having access to their records as they can now take accountability for their health and share information with family members if necessary. Finally, eligible providers can earn incentive payments for improving health care systems through promotion of EHR facilitation.

Are you still unclear about meaningful use standards and incentives, or how adopt, implement or upgrade your organization’s EHR technologies? There are several resources made available by The Department of Health and Human Services to help providers make educated decisions regarding the use of their Electronic Health Records.

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