Empty Courthouses, Paperless Litigation, & Digital Trials


The future of the legal system comes down to one word: Mobility.  Change is a scary topic for many that have learned their industry inside and out based on traditional operating models.  “Mobility” is the buzz word in the business world, and it’s here to stay.
It doesn’t apply to just lawyers either.  Courthouses will begin adopting their own equivalents of mobility - online banking and bill paying, paperless litigation, and virtual hearings via video to name just a few.


It’s simple.  Technology can be leveraged to do more for less – the main driving force for this change is pure economics.  With recent changes in the ABA Model Rules of Ethics to include a new requirement that lawyers be technologically competent and up-to-date with the latest technologies, it’s even more imperative that lawyers begin learning new and current technologies.  More and more documents are in digital format, stored online, and include links to cited cases and other pertinent information that are used in many court cases.  Lawyers must be able to successfully access and manage these documents and files to be used in their cases.
Technology has crept into all aspects of law – everything from speeding tickets being issued instantaneously to a smart phone of the driver from a traffic camera, to expert witnesses being allowed to appear virtually to trial.  Soon, the trial itself may even be viewed online, with rooms in the courthouse used only to watch a trial via live video.
While these changes may be seen as far-fetched to some, the future of this new technology is not far off – with many elements already being implemented in the legal system today.  Scary, but the benefits include cost cutting and in reducing our carbon footprint to virtually nothing.

Our advice?

  • Familiarize yourself with the latest technologies emerging in the industry.
  • Find the most up-to-date legal software that provides legal workflow solutions that will automate previously disparate and manual tasks.
  • Then when the day comes that the legal industry has become completely virtual, you’ll not only be educated, but prepared and ready to operate efficiently in this new environment.

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