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Your firm is set with industry specific software for your billing, accounting, record management, and conflict checking, right?  Everything is running efficiently and things have never been better.  So you may wonder, is it possible for your firm to become even more productive?
Let’s begin by looking past traditional “task-based” technical solutions to solutions that address larger, firm-wide processes.  Although your legal software may already automate certain tasks, most law firms still use the same manual processes they have used for decades – and while this may have worked for years, there may be a better way to automate and tie these very disparate processes and tasks together for a more seamless, efficient process.
Let’s look at your new client intake process, for example.  Each part of the process (conflict checks, billing data entry, case management setup, new case approvals, label printing, etc.) is usually currently being treated as an isolated task or event.  But what if you could find a solution that automated the entire process?  Easy.
Replace a paper-based intake sheet with an online form that assistants use to easily type in new client and case information through one easily-accessed location, and from there, the rest of the process would be managed electronically - automatically performing conflict searches, attaching and storing necessary reports and documents, and routing all pertinent information to the appropriate users for comments, edits, and approvals.  When data is needed for the billing and case management system, it can be easily imported directly from the online form without having to re-enter any information.
What are the benefits?  Any duplicate data entry would be eliminated, information flow would be ten times more efficient, increasing productivity of employees and speeding up new client intake processes, as well as case management, and all your processes could become virtually paperless.
This type of workflow solution is nothing new – it has been used in retail and manufacturing industries for years, but until now has never been fully utilized in the legal industry.  Now, you can easily find incredible workflow management solutions that are specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of the legal industry, allowing law firms like you to look at their technology solutions in a completely new way. As new technological advances change the face of the legal industry, it is imperative that law firms accept and adapt to these changes, and we’re here to help.

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