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Password Problem

The Password Problem

More companies are shifting to cloud computing, specifically Saas (Software as a Service) because of the benefits it provides. Cloud computing allows for greater accessibility and scalability but it also opens the door to potential security threats. These threats can be avoided if IT takes better control of the cloud by implementing simple solutions to circumvent common security blunders.


Saas Password Statistics

How many passwords are you currently managing/utilizing? If you’re like most people, the answer is too many to count. According to a recent study, roughly 36% of employees using Saas apps for work access five or more different apps (and that number is steadily growing). To the right are some additional insights from the same survey:
No harm is intended by these “bad habits”, employees just don’t realize the potential for adverse effects. In fact, they are trying to be more productive by keeping login information readily available.


There are a number of ways to get the inevitable password problem under control. Step one is to develop a company-wide password security protocol. While this isn’t the ultimate solution, it will at least draw attention to the problem and help employees select stronger passwords. The next step is to permit on-premises-based single sign-on tied to your current directory services. The final (and best) step however is to enable a secure, cloud-based single sign-on solution to your existing directory services.


By enabling a cloud-based solution, employees will only need one password to gain access to their apps. This gives IT the ability to manage all SaaS activity and allow/deny usage of certain apps.

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