Healthcare Compliance, Security, and Trusted Health Technology

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Healthcare compliance, security, and trusted health technology

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Integrate and simplify your healthcare compliance

Security and healthcare compliance offerings from Microsoft help protect your ICT infrastructure. Protection, access , and management features help you manage risk and achieve your strategic goals. The cloud is a far more powerful, far less expensive way to innovate than health solutions built the traditional way. But health organizations need to trust that sensitive information will stay secure and comply with regulations when they adopt cloud platforms. We are committed to ensuring that your data stays secure, private, and under your control, and that with the Microsoft Cloud, you will stay compliant, even as regulations and standards evolve.

Deliver security-enhanced access from virtually anywhere

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Healthcare Mobility Solutions from Managed Solution

The Microsoft family of devices, services, and solutions can help transform the way care teams communicate and access and use information throughout the course of their day. Windows-based, clinical-grade devices help to enable virtually anywhere access to actionable intelligence, resources, and personalized experiences that improve user productivity. With these enterprise-grade solutions that help keep patient information secure and compliant, users can leverage any single clinical-grade device to tap into comprehensive information systems while enjoying the ease of use associated with advanced technology. By providing efficient access to patient health information to both care teams and patients, all involved parties have the information they need to make informed decisions and to follow through on the prescribed care regimen.
  • Integrate and extend security features across your organization
  • Built-in security features work across multiple platforms and environments, and integration across the layers helps you get more value from your existing investments
  • Manage healthcare compliance, simplify the security experience
  • Help simplify the deployment and delivery of security features aligned to the needs of health professionals and patients so health professionals and patients can quickly and easily access security-enhanced applications and information
  • Accelerate the planning and delivery of health solutions
The Microsoft Connected Health Platform (CHP) provides a collection of best practices and guidelines to help build e-health solutions that are efficient, security-enhanced, flexible, and scalable. All of these features build a platform that helps improve patient engagement.
Based on the extensible and agile principles of the Connected Health Framework (CHF), Microsoft CHP provides offerings for optimizing health information and communication technology, including prescriptive architecture, design, and deployment guidance; tools; and solution accelerators. Microsoft CHP is built primarily on a foundation of application platform technologies and services, as well as generic Microsoft infrastructure optimization models and tools, tailored for the health environment, enabling the delivery and management of on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions.


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