How to Build Enterprise Collaboration

Collaboration is an essential part of teamwork which in turn fuels successful companies. In the digital age you hear the word collaboration often, as our tools, work environment and often company culture are structured around it (or so we think). However, how many organizations actually utilize collaboration strategies in their day-to-day?
Gartner shed some light on the subject last week at their Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit. It turns out, most companies fail to embrace collaborative approaches to business – internal and external. The analysts, CIOs and IT execs that came together for the conference strategized ways to build a more enriched workforce and here is what they uncovered.
Disengagement – Employees become disengaged when old applications that slow down workflow and productivity are still in effect. Employees avoid using these applications whenever possible. Often times they stop using them altogether. According to a recent Gallop study, only 13 percent of employees are engaged at work. This is a huge drain on businesses. They key to engagement is finding the bridge between employers, employees, and customers and then aligning it with company goals.
Differentiation – With mobile, social, cloud and data on the rise, experimenting with these tools will prove to be a differentiation strategy with your competitors. Consider a BYOD policy and don’t rule out the types of devices out there geared toward a mobile, productive workforce.
Mobile Apps – New Gartner research reveals that 60 percent of organizations have instituted a BYOD program, however adoption rates for smartphones falls behind that of tablets (33 percent to 47 percent). What’s driving the near extinction of traditional corporate device programs? Mobile apps. It turns out that mobile apps are driving collaboration because it takes the user experience into account first and foremost. Information is no longer cumbersome; access is faster and easier.
Cloud Storage – Companies are often hesitant to invest in cloud storage due to perceived security risks. Ironically, employees have turned to personal cloud storage as a means to circumvent burdensome processes in order to access data. Unfortunately, this has led to a number of breaches. Experts instead suggest embracing cloud technology and setting up a safe and secure cloud for the organization. After all, the cloud platform is modeled on collaboration.
To conclude, Gartner speakers encouraged three takeaways:
  1. Create and imagine a new digital story for your organization and determine three scenarios in which your organization could work radically different in a digital world.
  2. Identify parts of your infrastructure that must go. "Identify those parts that are hostile to a digital workforce," says Mann.
  3. Identify the skills or talent you can afford to lose and those you need to develop.



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