Hybrid Cloud Storage Leads to Big Savings


StorsimpleMicrosoft announced that it is coming out with new hardware and cloud management features for its StorSimple hybrid storage solution. The added benefit…it promises lower costs and better data protection. Microsoft plans to roll out the new StorSimple 8000 series on August 1 within the Azure cloud environment.



  • Cut storage costs by 40-60 percent.
  • Receive faster access to disaster recovery
  • Access tools that provide usage snapshots and trends
  • Consolidate management with central console



Storage - The hardware (StorSimple 8100 and 8600) tier information between SSD and HHD drivers as well as within the Azure cloud. This gives users the flexibility to expand storage capacity in the cloud and set disaster protections. The Virtual Appliance feature enables the functionality of the on-site StorSimple hardware except that it is deployed via virtual machines within Azure. When coupled with StorSimple hardware at customer sites, the virtual appliance can run applications in Azure by accessing virtual volumes uploaded to the cloud from the on-premises storage. This model results in less disruption of the existing data-center workloads by utilizing cloud-based snapshots instead.
Recovery – Applications that have be virtualized on-premises can be restarted on virtual machines within Azure using data that has been stored there previously. Once data is restored on-site, the changes made from within the cloud during the restoration process are synced. The benefit of data duplication extends past disaster recovery, and into development and testing of applications as well as search and application migration.
StorSimple was an independent startup purchased by Microsoft in 2012. This is the first generation of products since its acquisition. Storage ranges from 15T to 40T Byte (on-site) with 200T Byte capacity in the cloud.


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