Microsoft Teams Voice Solutions

Make and Receive Calls From Anywhere with Teams & Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system built for small and medium-sized businesses, enabling users to make, receive, and transfer calls to and from landlines and mobile phones on the public switched telephone network (PTSN) in Microsoft Teams.  This is a powerful and flexible telephone system which replaces clunky, traditional telephony providers and in-house phone systems which can be difficult and costly to manage.

What’s Included in Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Business Voice can be added on to any Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include Teams with up to 300 licenses. The subscription minimizes disruption by allowing you to retain all your current or existing phone numbers.

Some of the other subscription features includes:

Phone System

Includes standard phone features include voicemail, caller ID, call menus, shared phone lines, and emergency calling.

Domestic Calling

Host calls within your country or region are free (Note: International plans and toll-free dialing are also available.)

Audio Conferencing

Allows you to host conference calls with people who either don’t have Teams or don’t have an internet connection with a dial in number.

Cloud Voicemail

Access your voicemail messages and transcriptions from anywhere, on any device.

Cloud compliance recording

Connect to partner compliance recording solutions which helps regulate all of your employee communications including voice, chat, video, screen sharing and more in the Cloud to ensure compliance with key global regulations.

Auto Attendant

Easily answer inbound calls, route them to the right queues, and set specific routing parameters (e.g. time zone, language, or availability).

Call Queues

Customize greetings, play hold music, and set up shared voicemail.

Microsoft Teams Calling Plans

Quickly procure and assign phone numbers or port existing phone numbers.

 Microsoft 365 Business Voice Key Benefits

With the subscription you can easily manage all your communications inside one  powerful business platform as well as call from anywhere, on any device. Additionally, because it’s delivered from Microsoft’s trusted cloud you can expect simplified set up, billing, management and more.

Here are just a few of its key benefits:

Streamline communication

The all-in-one communication solution brings together calling, chat and meetings into a single application. You can easily let others know when you’re available, on a call, or out of the office and call to and from the Teams apps.

Centralize management

Provision users, assign phone numbers, and port existing numbers from your Microsoft 365 admin console.

Boost conferencing capabilities

You can set up both toll and toll-free numbers, call menus to help callers get to the right department, and audio conferencing so you can host meetings with anyone. You can even give people their own phone numbers so they can get calls directly.

Enhance productivity

Start a call with screen sharing and video and add colleagues to turn a one-on-one call into a group video call.