SharePoint Migration Services

Reduce Costs and Increase Scalability with SharePoint

Are you tired of looking for the most recent version of a document?

Does your business need a better and more secure way to manage and store files?

Are you overwhelming employees with too many emails and losing important communication?

Say hello to Microsoft SharePoint, the leading document management system to ensure your employees can access what they need, when they need it in a secure manner.

SharePoint is more than just a web-based collaboration platform which can be accessed across all levels of the organization via your team intranet. The platform acts as a secure place where users can share, store, organize, and access data from numerous mobile devices. It facilitates and streamlines team and cross-departmental collaboration, as well as document storage and retrieval, all within the confines of enterprise-grade security and compliance.

What You Can Expect from a SharePoint Migration with Managed Solution

Here at Managed Solution, we know that a migration can feel like a big job… after all, there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of critical components and decisions to keep in mind. As migration experts, we’re here to work alongside your team to streamline the process throughout each stage.

Here is a general overview of how the migration process works:

In this stage the Managed Solution team of migration experts analyze your current infrastructure as well as the data housed within it to determine a course of action. During this period, the team assesses the existing filer server and SharePoint On-Premise Server.

Using the information we gather from the assessment, we develop a migration plan and work with you to review the plan and ask any questions which may help ease the transition. During this stage we’ll review the details uncovered from the assessment to outline any potential roadblocks and discuss options.

Once the Assessment has been completed, we start reviewing our true level of effort and timeline in which we believe we can make it happen.

We often refer to the day of migration as “moving day,” or a “cutover.”  This is typically done on off hours/weekends to avoid any downtime. During this time the predetermined range of data is transferred while our team works to finalize and reconfigure the remaining parts of the solution, which often includes devices.

After the dust has settled from the migration we work with administrators and users to help ease the transition into the new environment. We can also help refine security policies/group memberships to better suit the needs of the organization but typically we do lift and shifts and then charge people for further work.

SharePoint On-Premise or in the Cloud?

Let’s look at the key differences to see what’s best for your business.

Data is stored on a local server

SharePoint On-Prem

  • On premise server setup requires a physical location and man-power to oversee/manage
  • Users own full access to the platform allowing a high-level of customization
  • Data backup is owned by the organization
  • Patches and updates are managed and installed by the organization.
  • Platform speed depends upon the local infrastructure
  • Data security is dependent on the internal capabilities of the IT team
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Data is stored on the Microsoft Cloud

SharePoint Online

  • Microsoft manages and deploys all data backup via the online platform
  • Patches and updates are an automatically installed and managed as part of the Microsoft subscription plan
  • Cloud storage offers higher bandwidth and lower latency
  • Microsoft helps users manage compliance and data access via the Compliance & Security Center
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Get ready for a pain-free SharePoint Migration

Our Microsoft migration experts have deep expertise in the many facets of a migration and can offer a variety of services before, during and after the migration process.


  • Migration Assessment & Analysts
  • Infrastructure Planning & Prep
  • Version Upgrade Planning
  • Pre-Migration Cleanup


  • Administration Configuration.
  • Governance Support


  • User Adoption and Training
  • SharePoint Security

Types of Migration Offerings

We work with you to help determine the type of migration that’s best for your team. We offer several Microsoft SharePoint migration options.

On-Premises Upgrades

Because SharePoint on-premise puts the onus on your team to maintain and oversee security, you may want to opt for an on-premise upgrade to boost functionality and security elements to your existing on-premise set-up.

Full Office 365 Migration

Ready to explore the full-range of benefits SharePoint Online offers? We work with your team to analyze your current environment and then create a plan to oversee and support your migration to Office 365.

Hybrid SharePoint Migration

Even if you’re unable to move all of your data to Office 365, a hybrid migration may offer increased productivity and access while maintaining specific data-types or functions on-premise.

Why SharePoint?

Share Ideas. Discover Insights. Organize Information

Easy-to-use features and low maintenance requirements has made SharePoint a go-to platform for a range of organizations across the globe. Its various customizable capabilities offer a nearly unparalleled level of flexibility which supports scalability, and an increase of productivity.

Here a few other key benefits of SharePoint:


Share files, data, news, and resources and customize your site so it aligns with your brand and is easy to digest. Additionally, collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members both inside and outside your organization (across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.) Easily find the most up-to-date version of a document, and maximize your team’s collective knowledge via SharePoint’s content management tools.


Boost productivity by transforming processes such as simple tasks (like notifications and approvals) to complex, more robust operational workflows. Using SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps, you can create impactful digital experiences with forms, workflows, and custom apps.


Put your organizational efficiency on hyperdrive by sharing commonly used resources and applications on home sites and portals. Enable mass communication and share personalized news and information can be tailored to each user via the web and the SharePoint mobile apps, complete with the ability to Like, Comment and Share. With many workplaces remote, this is a great way to include employees near and far and built culture.

Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is the front end, user-friendly version of SharePoint and brings your communication and collaboration to the next level. Each Team is creates an automatic SharePoint Team Site which backs up and stores all the data within that team within the SharePoint document library, and Channels inside Teams coincide with the folder structure inside SharePoint.

This isn’t our first SharePoint migration

“My manager asked me to look at mobility solutions for our remote workforce that works all around the Southern California area and we thought this meant buying expensive tools like tablets for every employee. After some good investigation and great consulting help from Managed Solution we quickly realized Office 365 created that remote accessibility from devices we already owned or handheld devices our employees owned. After implementing O365 we utilized the unique features in SharePoint to access documents and connect with our employees, which was something we struggled with previously using VPN’s and other remote access tools.”

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Why Businesses are Migrating to SharePoint

There are two primary ways SharePoint functions: Online or On-premises

Businesses are migrating from SharePoint OnPrem to SharePoint Online for a variety of inherent benefits.

With SharePoint Online, your data is stored on the Microsoft Cloud, rather than your local server, which means Microsoft manages and deploys all data backups, and automatically installs patches and updates. Thus, this reduces your need for internal IT staff and resources, often saving businesses time and money.

Because you’re on the cloud with SharePoint online, you aren’t reliant on your infrastructure for platform speed, and often times have a higher bandwidth and lower latency.

Lastly, Microsoft helps users manage compliance and data access via the Compliance and Security Center to make sure your data and users stay compliant and secure while accessing documents and information.