Remote Work Solutions

Solutions to Help Your Business Stay Productive & Secure While Working Remote

COVID-19 news is still changing every day, and more and more businesses are being impacted so we created this remote work resource center to help our clients and members of our community in hopes to alleviate some of the challenges you are all facing. Our goal is to enable your employees to work productively and securely while remote. We want to help make an easy transition to a remote workforce and provide any support needed while your organization is remote. View our solutions below or jump to our free resources.

Month to Month Remote IT Support

Worried about business continuity with your remote workforce? With over 18 years of experience, our award-winning team can answer your employees technical questions and provide remote support for overburdened internal IT staff (or those without internal IT).  Reduced onboarding fee & no long-term contracts. Contact us to see if you qualify.

Stay Connected & Secure While Remote

Whether you’re looking for a VPN, Remote Desktop Solution or Virtual Desktop, our engineers are experts in setting up all three. Whatever your situation is, it’s critical that your users are accessing what they need securely while remote.  Contact us today so we can help get you set up.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Looking for an all-in-one communication solution that includes calling, chat, and meetings into a single application? Microsoft Business Voice can be added to any Office or Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include Teams. You can get started today with simplified setup, billing, and management. Contact us below.

Endpoint Security Management

It’s now more important than ever to remain vigilant against outside threats. Gain the ability to detect, remove remediate and roll back features to endpoints to help prevent and recover from outside threats. If your users are remote and using personal devices, it’s critical to have a solution like this in place. Contact us below to learn more.

Phishing Attack Simulator

During times of crisis, we see malicious attacks increase, and organizations, now with more remote workers, are more vulnerable than ever. The best defense to stop phishing is well-trained employees. We can help you run simulated phishing attacks to test and train your employees on what they need to look out for. Contact us below to learn more.

Fortify Network Security

Meet your security and compliance requirements with this Security Information & Events Management tool. Fortify Network Security allows you to collect and analyze information from network devices, manage endpoint logs, and create alerts to assure your client is covered. Contact us below to learn more.

Hardware: Laptops, Desktops & Devices

Hardware and products are hard to find right now. Through our partnerships, we have a variety of sources where we can get laptops & devices from. If you need assistance in supplying your business with these devices, contact us to see how we can help get you what you need to continue working.

Free CIO Consultations

Our seasoned CIO takes a strategic approach when looking at the role of technology and how it supports the business. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your current IT needs & spend, remote work tools and infrastructure, hardware, business continuity, and more. Learn more and schedule your consultation.

With Managed Solution’s help, you can create a remote hub for your workforce. Additionally, we can provide remote IT support to help troubleshoot any issues your employees encounter with their devices and applications.

Here’s how it works:

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  3. Add remote IT monitoring for $5 per user*

*Remote IT monitoring is not required to purchase with Teams deployment. 

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Free Remote Work Resources

Preparing and enabling your organization to work remotely isn’t a small feat, and our team of experts has years of experience assisting organizations just like yours go fully remote. If you need help, you’re not alone, and we’re here to support you. Check out our free resources below, and let us know if we can help.