Legal Firm Technology Trends


Legal firms and professionals should familiarize themselves with the latest technology trends and resources emerging in the industry. If a firm is aware of the best technologies, they could have an impact on assisting clients in saving money, which in turn could help them cut costs. Law firms that have already replaced basic tools with current technology are efficiently utilizing the digital world to cut costs. As they turn to new software and more powerful electronic devices, firms are streamlining workflow and utilizing tools to their full potential.

Global Communication

Webinars have addressed how lawyers can use technology to save clients, and themselves, money. Some experts envision a future in which attorneys routinely scan documents with their smartphones and utilize their tablets and laptops for data storing and sharing. If a legal firm is well-managed, technology should be saving the firm money, rather than increasing costs. Many legal agencies have switched to cloud-based development and application scaling or infrastructure management for deploying and managing apps in the cloud. Benefits of switching to the cloud include paying for resources used on a variable, pay-as-you-go basis to effectively drive revenue and growth, while reducing overall IT costs. The cloud also makes it easy to reach users in all regions of the world, which makes global travel and business easier. Utilizing technology to make business more efficient can save legal professionals time, which in turn can cut costs and save clients money.


With legal professionals working remotely and traveling to court dates, law firms are implementing “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies. Staying connected with clients and colleagues while working remotely is important. Managed services and solutions are available to assist the growing number of professionals who are out of the office more often than not. Many legal agencies are implementing Microsoft Office 365, which offers productivity solutions that are all available online. Microsoft 365 is powered by the cloud, so you can access your applications and files from virtually anywhere on any device – at any time. This has been proven to be effective when legal professionals are using their own device (BYOD).

Data Management

While utilizing effective communication systems to cut costs, firms should also have a comprehensive data management solution that provides easy access to case files while protecting critical data. This will reduce paper costs and the hassle of manually storing files. Digital data management systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint offers powerful capabilities in document management, data management, search, security, access, forms, project management and workflow to create solutions, increase productivity and help reduce costs. With a Microsoft SharePoint deployment, users get automated collaboration portals, intranet, and extra net. This enables organizations to easily deploy a cost-effective, highly secure, turn-key solution for sharing content and increasing collaboration.
Professionals are constantly being challenged to address major market, globalization, and technology trends that will drastically change the way an organization’s infrastructure is deployed and operated over the next decade. By using the best technologies and services, legal professionals could save time and replace basic tools with current innovative solutions. Small improvements in office procedures or work processes could have a noticeable impact on the long term productivity of the firm and assist in overcoming challenges.

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