Managed Solution Names Jennell Mott Chief Operations Officer & Alecia Aktabowski Director of Business Programs

San Diego, CA, November 19, 2019, – Managed Solution is ending off the year on a very exciting note. As of November 19, 2019, Jennell Mott, formerly VP of Technical Solutions, has been promoted to Chief Operations Officer, and Alecia Aktabowski, formerly the PMO Manager, has been promoted to Director of Business Programs.

Jennell has been with Managed Solution since its inception, starting as the Business Operations Manager and holding many roles over the years, but what never changed was her work ethic and ability to adapt and react to the constant change that is technology. Because of this, she has seen continued success and growth at Managed Solution.

CEO, Sean Ferrel states, “On a personal note, I’m honored to announce this change. Jennell has been by my side since day one at Managed Solution and if it wasn’t for her amazing talent, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today. Jennell will be focused on the ongoing success of our business, our team of engineers, and making sure we’re delivering the exceptional experiences our clients deserve.”

In addition, Alecia Aktabowski who had been over-seeing the Project Management Office now holds the title Director of Business Programs. Due to Alecia’s incredible attention to detail, the ability to take something from ideation, process it and turn it into a reality, this role seems like a naturally perfect fit. Her new role will have a major focus on improving processes throughout the organization.

Sean is also very excited about this change, “Alecia has been so successful in developing the Project Managers and the processes that go into each part of the business so I can’t wait to see her truly shine in this new role.” Sean also adds, “I’m more excited than ever about our future and feel confident these changes will help facilitate even greater things for our team.”

Congratulations to both Jennell and Alecia. Our entire staff is so very proud and excited, and we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store!

About Managed Solution

Managed Solution provides Integrated IT solutions by creating an IT journey that's tailored to your business needs. We provide a full assessment of your current IT environment and deliver the innovative solutions needed to solve your complex business challenges at every stage of the business lifecycle.

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