Microsoft Flow is open for business around the world!

microsoft-flow-2-managed-solutionMicrosoft Flow is open for business around the world!

With your help and input during preview, Microsoft Flow is now ready to support business automation around the world in 42 languages and six regions.
Microsoft Flow will now be available in both free and paid service plans. As a special thank you, preview customers will receive a six-month free trial of our highest tier plan, Microsoft Flow Plan 2. If you’re an Office 365 or Dynamics 365 customer, Microsoft Flow comes with your license. Learn more about Microsoft Flow general availability (GA).
The release also includes new environment and connectivity features. Register for the Flow GA webinar to get a tour of what’s new and ask the Microsoft Flow team questions. Here are some feature highlights:

Manage your organization’s flows with enterprise-grade control using environments.

  • Use Environments to store your flows by geography or team.
  • Establish data-loss prevention policies to control the flow of data and the use of services within your organization.

Microsoft Flow offers more connectivity than ever—to Microsoft and third-party services.

  • Connect to 15 new services, including Basecamp 3, Bitly, Cognitive Services Text Analytics, Instapaper, and Pinterest.
  • Use Premium services like Salesforce and the Microsoft Common Data Service, which are exclusive to paid Microsoft Flow plans.

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