Microsoft to Roll Out New Features and App Management Tools


Enterprise Mobility SuiteMicrosoft plans to release new tools and capabilities that bring your company’s applications under improved management. The goal with these new features is to allow IT to set parameters on what happens to data and how it can be used, specifically in the mobile environment. Below are just some of the app management tools Microsoft plans to roll out this calendar year.
“Wrappers” – Microsoft plans to publish a series of containers and wrappers aimed at preventing data leakage. Take for example, an email ending up in the wrong inbox. Brad Anderson, a VP at Microsoft painted this picture to a room of attendees at its annual TechEd conference last week. He said, “What happens if someone accidentally mis-addresses an email with proprietary information and sends it to you.” As it turns out there is also a C-level executive named Brad Anderson at Dell. Uh-oh.
Julia White, GM of Office for business showed off another app management feature that controlled how data in a specific document could be used (or not). She pulled up a corporate spreadsheet on an iPad. The device automatically triggered the appropriate Office for iPad app; she proceeded to try to copy and paste a table in the document…with no luck. Voila! The control features did not allow her to copy sensitive information from the document.
These new features focus not only on management, but on user experience too. Microsoft will bring all of the new customization capabilities of Office over to the mobile environment with apps for iPad and Android.
Azure Cloud and Oslo Tool – Oslo, a new feature of the Azure Cloud platform is somewhat of a virtual personal assistant. Oslo works in conjunction with Office Graph to create an intelligent, personalized search engine that allows you to sort and find information faster. For instance, Oslo can help locate information when you may not remember what is was about or who sent it but you know that is was something someone shared with you.
Enhanced Security – Starting in July, Microsoft will make enhancements to its encryption technology for business users. Files stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business will be encrypted with their own key for an added layer of security. To ensure corporate data doesn’t cross company lines, Microsoft is also throwing in its DLP (data loss prevention) tool which used to only be available to Exchange 2013 and Office 365 customers.
As Microsoft continues to build its Enterprise Mobility Suite, you can expect new tools and capabilities to come out that enhance productivity and most importantly security throughout organizations.

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