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Mobile security and password protection are popular topics in the news today, especially after nude celebrity photos were leaked over the weekend. Apple denied any security breach associated with the cyber-attacks and released a statement saying that the attack was a result of “a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.”
Although it is argued that using mobile apps for photo storing or banking isn't as risky as it seems, this incident has generated a lot of discussion around privacy and password integrity.
Below are some tips for creating stronger passwords and security methods to reduce being a victim to fraud.
Lock your device with a PIN or password: Avoid numbers from your birth date, social security or national identification number, phone number, or the like. If you have a password option, use it and make the password strong. Do not use a generic password like "password123".
Frequently check your accounts when using mobile banking and bill pay: Act immediately if you see suspicious behavior on your account. Avoid clicking links in ads and contests that promise free prizes or gifts.
Only Install reputable apps: Download apps only from major app stores. For example the Windows Phone Store, Apple’s App Store or Google Play — and stick to popular apps with numerous reviews and comments. Keep your phone up to date and uninstall apps that you don’t use.
Back up your phone and secure your cloud account: Back up your phone to your computer, cloud storage, or both. Besides selecting a secure password, you can add more protection to your cloud account by turning on two-step verification. This will require you to enter your login email, your password and a special code sent to your phone in order to access your cloud service. Two-step verification makes logging in a bit more cumbersome, but it gives you a second key that only someone with access to your phone can get.

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