New Managed Solution, SHI Partnership Empowers Businesses with Holistic Technology Solution

June 17, 2015 - Managed Solution, a highly honored and tenured managed services company and pioneer in managed, utility-based cloud computing, recently announced its partnership with SHI, the leader in software licensing. The partnership allows Managed Solution and SHI to combine their teams unique skillsets to deliver a holistic technology business solution that optimizes the efficiency of their IT spend with a scalable, consumption based model.

Representatives at both companies say they are excited to take a long-standing informal partnership to the next level.

“This partnership allows technology business consumers to benefit from the purchasing power and expertise of SHI when it comes to licensing and hardware solutions while providing another level of technology consulting by Managed Solution’s engineering experts so customers can leverage their businesses current technology,” said Sean Ferrel, CEO of Managed Solution. ”With Managed Solution’s support, all-encompassing technology solutions will be more easily understood and adopted by the business decision makers of today.”

Ferrel said Managed Solution will work with SHI and its customer base to create roadmaps for the future where cloud based utility models and operational spends converge. “Customers today are no longer working with simple infrastructures containing servers and workstations,” said Ferrel. “Organizations are challenged by looking at business processes and how best to automate their daily lives using technology tools sold by the manufacturer and its partners.”

Ferrel explained that when the impact of these tools are not completely understood, businesses often times don’t implement them and waste valuable money on unused self-ware. “Managed Solution will help accelerate the adoption of these tools by providing business outcome conversations with these customers so their technology investment is strategic to the business.”

Ferrel believes the combined efforts of Managed Solution and SHI will help accelerate understanding and adoption of the cloud utility model which will be a mainstay in businesses going forward.

This is just one type of partnership offered by Managed Solution’s Channel Partner Program. Managed Solution is also working with smaller Managed Service Providers as an extension of their IT services delivery team. “We can either work at the highest level to architect and design for our partner or provide side by side U.S. Based 24/7 helpdesk services to meet the demands of a growing partner organization, said Ferrel. “Businesses should focus on what they do best and leverage their trusted partners to step in so customers can receive excellent services and solutions.”

About SHI

SHI is the Leader in Software Licensing. From software and hardware procurement to deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, IT asset management and cloud computing, SHI offers custom IT solutions for every aspect of your environment.

About Managed Solution

We're technology enthusiasts with a people-first approach. For over two decades, we've witnessed the profound impact that the right technology and support can have on businesses and individuals. Success, to us, is seeing our clients, partners, and team conquer challenges to achieve their greatest goals and build lasting connections. This relentless pursuit of inspiration drives us forward, pushing us to deliver innovative solutions that empower growth and lasting success.

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