Seven ways Realtors Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Are you a realtor on the go that is looking for a simplified way to manage your current clients as you take on new accounts? Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you a single place to streamline business operations and manage assets, properties, vendors and prospects in marketing, service, sales and support functions.

Seven ways Realtors Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. To manage client contact information & notes
  2. To track activities and set alerts for follow-up
  3. To store and access internal/external documents
  4. To execute marketing campaigns
  5. To track opportunities & goals
  6. To capture and track trends from analytics
  7. To generate reports
Since Dynamics CRM is built on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure it can be accessed from any device (e.g. laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) that has an internet connection. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365. For information on deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organization, please call us at 800-257-0691.

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