New Team Member: Scott Harris, Senior Systems Engineer

Scott HarrisScott Harris joined the Managed Solution team as a Senior Systems Engineer on May 20, 2015. He was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and grew up on the peninsula in Redwood City. Scott attended Sequoia High School, which offered the first computer programming class in district history. He attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's computer science program in 1978 and moved back to the Bay Area to work in the burgeoning computer industry a few years later. In 1985, Scott landed a job at NASA/Ames Research Center's National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Comples (NFAC), one of the largest wind-tunnel research facilities in the world. PDP-11/70 front-end systems running RMS and VAX/VMS post-processing systems were used there. Booting the PDP-11 was done by flipping a row of paddle switches on the front of the computer chassis in the bit-pattern for the boot-address. These computer systems filled two rooms, along with the controls for the wind tunnel mechanical equipment. Scott worked at NASA for 11 years as a software support engineer, and later developed a wind-tunnel data acquisition and analysis program on the Mac using the LabView graphical programming language.
In the early 1990's Scott came down to San Diego to present a paper on his LabView Data Acquisition System (LDAS) at the IEEE Conference. He fell in love with San Diego, and in 1996 relocated his family for a job at Qualcomm. He worked at Qualcomm in the networking department as a software developer writing web-based and backend reporting tools for internal customers in Java and Perl. Eventually, Qualcomm began to favor 3rd party software over in-house developed code, and Scott assumed the role of application engineer, writing smaller integration software to tailor the 3rd party products to suit Qualcomm's custom requirements. Authentication, Monitoring (including SCOM) and Application Performance Management servers were his main areas of expertise.
During this time Scott was an avid bicyclist, commuting 25 miles per day for several years. He is also an accomplished musician, playing several instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. His current favorite instrument is the harmonica because it is so portable. He wrote a book on the harmonica at Scott also enjoys playing craps. He has written several simulation programs to test his systems. The results of these prove that there is no such thing as a winning system, only ones that let you lose money more slowly. Scott rarely travels, but he did spend a summer in Mexico as an exchange student, and 3 weeks in Turkey in 2010 for his honeymoon.
In 2015, after 19+ years at Qualcomm, Scott's position at Qualcomm was eliminated and this led to Scott's timely and fortunate new association with Managed Solution. "I felt at home immediately, here, and truly appreciate the special opportunity to work with such a talented and experienced group of engineers, support staff and managers," says Scott.
Please join us in welcoming Scott Harris to the Managed Solution team!
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