Securing the New Enterprise: Key IT Challenges


New enterprise technology and innovation are practically synonymous as we witness the growth and capabilities of the mobile workforce. While remote access and diverse device usage (BYOD) are driving new ways of thinking and working, they are creating major challenges for the IT department - namely in terms of security. Breaches in network security can result in theft of information, fines from regulatory agencies and cause a major hit to one’s reputation. Here we will review five key challenges to the new enterprise and reveal a potential solution.

Five Key Challenges:

  1. Protecting Private Information - Simple user IDs and passwords are no longer the most secure way to protect data from unauthorized access. 2FA (or two-factor authentication) goes one step farther in identifying the user by assessing, for example, factors such as device recognition and user behavior. This can prove challenging as secure authentication has the ability to make the user experience cumbersome (which is the antithesis of what an enterprise wants).
  2. Supporting Easy and Secure Access for Mobile Workers - Expanding upon Challenge #1, many unsecure workarounds can be avoided if access to mobile workers is easy yet secure. The goal is to develop a productive mobile workforce without sacrificing the safety of business data and applications.
  3. Following Security Protocols by Industry - Security regulations across industries (financial, legal, health, etc.) are becoming tighter and prone to hefty fines. For this reason it is imperative to have a secure IT solution in place to avoid operational or financial setbacks caused by an actual breach or failed compliance audit.
  4. Developing Easy-to-Manage Authentication Procedures - Consider lightening the load on in-house IT staff by outsourcing the maintenance and management of authentication servers to a trusted service provider. This will free up a considerable amount of time and allow IT staff to focus their efforts on securing other critical applications within the network.
  5. Planning in a Constantly Changing Environment - With the number of users, devices, platforms and regulations constantly changing, IT departments are struggling to protect new avenues of infiltration. Unfortunately, security breaches cost businesses millions of dollars each year. In short, scalability and flexibility are the keys to a successful security solution.
If the IT challenges outlined above sound familiar, it may be time to consider a cloud-based 2FA solution. On-site resources are often costly and put a tremendous strain on staff. Furthermore, it requires extensive training and retention in order to be successful. With a 2FA cloud solution however, a trusted third party maintains network authentication for you. Additional benefits of cloud security include support/flexibility for different devices, cost-effectiveness and scalability.

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