Skype 5.13 for iPhone: Preview Links in Chat

iphoneSkype has been working hard to bring you a great chat experience that puts your conversations first. Today in Skype 5.13 for iPhone they are starting to release web link previews for chat, bringing you quick, rich ways to share information and content with the people who matter most.
In 5.13 when you send or receive a web link you’ll now get a preview of the content, making it much easier to see the cat video or information that’s been shared before you open the link.
If you’re one of the lucky few who own an Apple Watch already, you may have noticed there are now new ways to manage your conversations from your wrist, helping you quickly and easily stay in touch with the people who matter most. With Skype on your Apple Watch you can now:

Reply to chats from your wrist
If you’re out and about and need to reply to a conversation, you can now chat straight from your Apple Watch. You can use voice to text in your Apple Watch to send a full reply. But if you’re in a rush, Skype on the Apple Watch also supports prepared responses, and of course the full set of emoticons.

Start conversations with the people who matter most

With Apple Watch your favorite contacts are even closer than before. You can start a chat with a favorite contact – straight from your wrist.
To favorite a contact, go to the iPhone app, swipe to the favorites view and tap add favorites at the bottom of your favorite list. Then you can start chatting from your Apple Watch – the rest is up to you.

Manage incoming calls on your wrist

On your Apple Watch you’ll be notified of incoming calls, so you can quickly choose whether to answer or decline. If you answer, your call will simply handoff to your iPhone for you to start chatting.


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