The Top Business Benefits for Using IT Help Desk Support [Updated for 2020]

helpdesksandiegoWhat is an IT help desk? An IT Help Desk is a resource center designed for users to contact when they are having problems with their IT services, software, applications, and more. An IT Help Desk, which can also be referred to as a Managed Operations Center or Network Operations Center, creates a multi-tiered troubleshooting approach by having personnel with extensive technical knowledge available at all times. An IT Help Desk provides your business with a team of experienced, certified engineers ready to assist your users with their technical issues.
In this article, we'll cover the various benefits of using IT help desk support and why it might be a viable option for your business.

Learn about the top 6 benefits in this video:

Business Benefits of Using IT Help Desk Support

  1. 24/7 technical support improves operational efficiencies by reducing time users spend to fix incidents or problems. This is especially beneficial if you have a fully or partially remote workforce or operate a 24/7 business yourself. With those employees working around the clock, 7 days a week, it's imperative to have someone there that can support them when software or hardware goes down or stops working.
  2. Speaking with a certified technical support specialist makes resolving IT issues quick and easy, which can reduce crankiness in the workplace. We all know how frustrating technology can be, whether it's your fancy new TV or a software update on one of your devices. By providing employees with an IT help desk, you're giving them the support they need when challenges arise, leading to less frustration and more productivity. As a result, happier employees.
  3. A local IT Help Desk provides immediate response time to support tickets and communication with an actual person (not a recording) the same day. Additionally, if they are local to you, then they can provide on-site support if necessary. Sometimes hardware needs troubleshooting that can't be done via phone, video conference, or remote sign in.
  4. Having an IT support system in place provides a smooth and easy mechanism for users to receive service while eliminating internal technical service requests, which can reduce downtime for multiple employees. Your technical employees on staff should be focusing on bigger, more strategic tasks and projects rather than the mundane, daily tasks of software and hardware issues.
  5. With diverse credentials, training and experience, technical support specialists have resources to fix a wide variety of system errors - not just basic speed bumps. Additionally, by having an outsourced IT team support you, rather than one or two internal IT employees, it widens the skillsets available to you.
  6. Having a strong technology infrastructure can boost efficiency leading to increased ROI and allows those organizations to get ahead of their competition. If your employees' technology works, they're working and ultimately, are more productive.
  7. IT Help Desk engineers practice incident management to help spot problems before they occur, identifying the root cause of frequent recurring incidents. This allows you to protect yourself from external threats, eliminate repetitive issues and complaints, and prevent issues from becoming a larger problem.
  8. IT support specialists have experience working with many different industries and likely organizations similar to your business. This can provide a strategic advantage.
  9. IT specialists not only support your employees, but they can recommend tools that make it easier to communicate and collaborate on tasks. Additionally, they can help justify or eliminate IT spend where necessary to optimize your investment.
  10. Additional support for your IT staff. Mid-size and large businesses partner with IT companies that offer Help Desk support to provide an additional resource for their internal IT staff.
  11. When you apply the cost per call for the various call flow models for IT Help Desk services, you can see financial impact.
  12. IT Help Desk support services can give your business a new way to generate revenue, attract and retain clients and compete in a quickly changing IT environment.

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5 Myths about Managed Services

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5 Myths about Managed Services

When I first started working for a technology company, there were so many new things to learn that I thought my head was going to explode. With so many technology terms to memorize and so many different types of support to understand, I knew I had to develop a way to simplify the terms. Everyone kept bringing up the term managed services… What is it? How does it work? And what does it do to help the business owner?
After some time in the technology world I have to say it can be a daunting task to uncover the truth about managed services, so here are some myths from a non-techie that I thought could be useful when considering managed services.

1. Managed services will push out my IT staff.

People often say, “I don’t need extra support I have IT staff!” I’m sure your IT staff is awesome; however, what would they be like with an additional resource of 50+ engineers at their side? Managed service teams work hand and hand with internal IT departments, not to replace them but to add additional support, because let's be honest - wouldn’t you want 50+ employees like yourself to help you with work?

2. Help desk support is not local and always closed when you need them.

It's 5:00pm and you have to send one last email before you can leave. BOOM your email stops working…. You pick up the phone quickly, dial the help desk and they are… closed
Has this ever happened to you? If so it doesn’t have to, there are tons of local managed service providers that are open every day 24/7. This is becoming the norm with managed service providers, so if this isn’t true with the company you're using I’d suggest looking into some others.

3. Managed services will cost a fortune, and I will always be slammed with extra charges.

False, false and false. Managed services can save you an average of 30% on your IT spending over a year! Not to mention that the biggest reason for managed services is proactive support! Meaning that if your managed service provider is doing a good job, there shouldn’t be any surprise charges.

4. An outside IT provider will be too much work to manage.

The opposite is true! In fact managed services gives you that one throat to choke. Something isn’t working? You always have someone to call who is available, even if it’s Christmas.

5. Managed Service providers are all the same.

Biggest myth. Just like when you hire a new employee you have to do your research. No managed service provider is the same, they all have their areas of expertise with different support levels, you just have to find which one works best for you and your business.


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