[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]San Diego, CA, January 31, 2019. AITP San Diego and Managed Solution hosted an exclusive CIO panel on multi-cloud strategy. Representatives of Western Digital, Stone Brewing, UCSD, Scripps Health and Managed Solution shared their experience with establishing multiple cloud environments and challenges they faced along the way. They agreed that multi-cloud is a reality for businesses, and the only open question is whether your business will be reactive or proactive in the approach.

Steve Phillpott, Chief Information Officer at Western Digital, underlined two main facts regarding the cloud: “You own the security - cloud will give you a lot of additional capabilities, but you own it and need to make sure you are secure. Regarding cost, make sure you’re not wasting money by keeping colder, less frequently accessed data in the Cloud.”

Christian Aboujaoude, Senior Director Enterprise Architecture at Scripps Health, explained how cloud affected them: “We started to change our IT business model by leveraging the cloud as an extension of our infrastructure, helping to structure services in a more cost-effective fashion for our patients. Going to the Cloud was a shift for us. However, it did introduce flexibility and scaling especially when leveraged as a service. We had a lot of partners and vendors we work with which lead us down the road of using the major cloud carriers such as Azure or AWS promoting the use of a multi-Cloud strategy.”

Brian Andrews, Chief Information and Administrative Office at Stone Brewing: “Stone embarked on our cloud journey five years ago, supporting our business expansion and optimization with Software-as-a-Service applications and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. A recent example of the benefit was being able to double the size of our website infrastructure in minutes to support a big spike in traffic after announcing our new Enter Night Pilsner collaboration with Metallica.” Stone Brewing, headquartered in Escondido, California, has grown to become the 8th largest craft brewery in the country among 7,000 breweries. Stone has used cloud to scale nationally and internationally while reducing costs and driving business value.

Sean Ferrel, Chairman and Founder at Managed Solution, explained, that when making IT decisions we need to we need to first talk about what business problem we are trying to solve and not talk so much about the technology tools we like best: “Yes, we all have the painters, framers, plumbers and electricians who implement these tools but if we don’t have a great blueprint for what we want to build the result will be less impactful for the business.” Sean added where he sees technology going next: “We need to think about cost management, movement between data centers, aggregation of cloud providers and optimization of data resulting in business intelligence for our businesses.”

The panel was moderated by the newly elected President of AITP San Diego Donna Hale.

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San Diego, CA. - On Thursday, June 29th, Managed Solution's Founder, Sean Ferrel, presented at AITP San Diego's 8th annual Cloud Conference. The "Cloud Computing and Beyond" conference held at Town and Country Mission Valley featured 400+ of IT professionals who are passionate about the professional growth and education of the SoCal IT community. Speakers throughout the day included thought leaders as well as peer use-cases on cloud, innovative technologies and Big Data/IoT.
Sean Ferrel talked about cloud marketplaces, brokerage and the long term effects of managing your customers cloud strategy. The public cloud offers a whole new world of reoccurring revenue for all of us!
Over the next several years’ public cloud management will be key to the success of both distributors and integrators alike. Cost management, brokerage, and overall management will be at the center of how we manage our customers and automation will allow us to quickly make informed decisions when working with providers.
Large Public Cloud Providers are just starting to gain maturity and most organizations are taking a deeper look at these utility models. While we all have our favorite cloud partners so do our customers and it’s important we look at cloud much like we look at purchasing airline tickets; compare all brands and make sure getting from point A to B is seamless and cost effective.


AITP June Event Managed Solution2

On Wednesday, June 17th Managed Solution Business Development Managers, Sean McMahon and Tina Rountree attended the AITP June Chapter Meeting. The event featured a prestigious moderator and panel of industry experts from Gartner, Intuit, Qualcomm, Siege Secure & SoCal Privacy Consultants discussing Cloud vs. On-Premise Security.
Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce, once said, "The battle is over, and the cloud has won.” However, there are many others who disagree. Over 60% of surveys show companies have not moved to the cloud because of security and privacy concerns. Are these concerns still valid? Have cloud vendors addressed security concerns adequately? These questions were addressed and discussed in detail by the distinguished panel of security experts at last nights event.

AITP June Chapter Meeting Featured Speakers:

• Matt Stamper, VP of Managed Services redIT, Moderator
• Paul Boulanger, Vice President SoCal Privacy Consultants
• F. Christian Byrnes, Managing Vice President Gartner Research
• Joshua Davis, Senior Director of Information Security & Risk Management Qualcomm
• Richard McElroy, Chief Information Security Officer Siege Secure
• Erik Naugle, Director of Cloud Strategy Intuit
On Saturday, June 20th AITP San Diego partners with GeekGirl for TechCon 2015, a full day event for women and men from 8-88 to learn how to code, hear industry thought leaders and meet some new tech friends.

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