Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint mobile apps get useful new features

By Ida Torres as written on androidcommunity.com
One of the best things about the Microsoft Office programs is the auto save feature which has saved us countless times when our laptop loses battery or the program suddenly closes or something else happens. But that feature was only available for desktop software. Until now. Finally the autosave feature is available for the Word, Excel, and Powerpoint mobile apps, both for smartphones and tablets. There are also app-specific new features in the latest round of updates from Microsoft.
It does make sense that auto-save will eventually come to mobile devices since you are more likely to lose connection, get a battery drain or malfunction and any other errors that might happen while working on a document on your smartphone or tablet. All three apps will also now get version history, so just in case you wanted to go back in time, you’ll be able to choose from several save points. So even if there is auto-save now, you can still go back to certain points of history in the document.
Another new thing, at least for Word and Powerpoint, is that you’ll finally be able to experience real-time collaborative editing support. There may still be a few bugs here and there, but eventually, it will hopefully become as smooth as with the web apps and Google Docs themselves. Meanwhile, Powerpoint also gets another new feature called “Designer”, but only for the tablet version. There is now a tab called “design ideas” where it suggests to you what theme or layout would work best with a certain picture.
The rollout has already started so you can check the Play Store if your apps are ready for these new features. You can also get the APK if you don’t want to wait.


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