Microsoft recently released Skype for Business for Android. The company has been testing the app on Android for a little while, and it’s finally available for the public. With the new Skype for Business app, Microsoft is offering a new dashboard design which offers a Skype for Windows-like experience on tablet devices. Microsoft states:
A new dashboard design brings the contact search bar, your upcoming meetings and most recent conversations to one place. Simply tap the Quick Join icon to the right of your appointment name to join your meetings with one touch, or tap the name of the meeting to see its details. Your recent conversations are at your fingertips, no matter which device you had the conversation on. Additionally, full-screen video as well as larger call-control buttons to mute and add participants to a meeting make it easy for you to collaborate on the go.
Additionally, Microsoft is also offering a better contact management experience with the new Skype for Business for Android app. In the new app, users can easily search for a contact within groups, etc. The app also brings a “modern” authentication experience for users, which is also pretty nice to see.

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