windows10 release

Following on the past weeks November Update to Windows 10 and Xbox being updated to Windows 10, Microsoft has released the ISO of the Enterprise Edition of Windows 10 1511. This does fall in line with Microsoft’s insistence that Windows 10 is now ready for the Enterprise with version 1511.
Within this version corporate users will be able to try out all of the new features designed for business in Windows 10 including Windows Update for Business, Windows Store for Business, and Azure Active Directory Join. In addition there are security upgrades including the ability to turn off the collection of telemetry data.
These are much requested features by businesses before they begin to look at rolling Windows 10 out across their organizations, so it is great to see them becoming available. Microsoft is looking to impress businesses with these features to encourage their quick adopting of the new OS and avoid another Windows XP problem. Microsoft has already announced that 12 million business PCs have already been updated to Windows 10.

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