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Managed Solution Teams Up with ClickDimensions to Enhance Digital Marketing Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Clients

Managed Solution Teams Up with ClickDimensions to Enhance Digital Marketing Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Clients


San Diego, CA, October 27, 2023 -- Managed Solution, a leading Microsoft Partner, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with ClickDimensions, a renowned pioneer in Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users. Known for its unwavering commitment to providing top-tier IT support and a comprehensive suite of premium products and services through strategic alliances, Managed Solution is poised to take its services to the next level.


Seamless integration

As a proud participant in the ClickDimensions Partner Program, Managed Solution is now better equipped to seamlessly integrate ClickDimensions' cutting-edge solutions into its clients' business frameworks, facilitating streamlined operations and enhanced marketing performance.


What This Means for Customers

This collaboration marks a significant step forward for Managed Solution, enhancing its ability to cater to the diverse needs of Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers.

By synergizing Managed Solution's extensive proficiency in Microsoft's suite of services with the robust marketing automation capabilities of ClickDimensions, clients can look forward to gaining profound insights into customer behavior, empowering them to make data-driven decisions that fuel business growth and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Through the partnership with ClickDimensions, Managed Solution empowers its Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients to unify their customer data, mitigate lead loss, and harness the full potential of each customer interaction.

Leveraging actionable insights and advanced automation, businesses can streamline their marketing operations with greater efficiency and precision.


Exciting Opportunities Ahead

"We are excited about our collaboration with ClickDimensions, which enhances our ability to provide our clients with the most advanced digital marketing solutions available," remarked Tina Rountree, VP of Sales and Marketing at Managed Solution. "With ClickDimensions, we aim to deliver an integrated approach to data-driven marketing, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable business growth."

This strategic partnership between Managed Solution and ClickDimensions promises to deliver even more value-added solutions and services to clients, expanding the horizons of digital marketing for businesses and setting new benchmarks for industry excellence.


About Managed Solution:

Managed Solution is an award-winning direct Tier1 Microsoft Cloud Provider and Gold Partner specializing in cloud services, managed IT help desk services, and professional services.

Managed Solution supports companies with IT discovery, architecture design, best practices, implementation, and support, as well as training. For more information, visit or call us at 858-429-3067.


About ClickDimensions:

ClickDimensions is a leading provider of marketing automation software and services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users.

With a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer experiences, ClickDimensions empowers businesses to drive growth, enhance customer engagement, and achieve their marketing objectives with precision and efficiency.

Financial Organization Stays Compliant With Managed Solution

Business Needs: A small financial organization of twelve users contacted Managed Solution for technology consulting and recommendations to help move the company forward, while ensuring they stay compliant. During a recent audit, they were using Google Apps and did not pass regulatory compliance. They needed assistance from a technical partner to aid them off of Google aps and help them utilize a new business platform. Their current IT Manager also had several responsibilities at the financial organization and did not want to worry about daily IT issues. They needed a partner that provided technology recommendations to move the company forward and solutions scalable for company growth.
Solution: Managed Solution partnered with the financial organization by doing an assessment of their current technology structure and providing a full cloud solution that combined Office 365 and platinum level support. This includes remote monitoring, 24/7 help desk support, and unlimited onsite support that is scalable to grow with their organization. With understanding their business goals, Managed Solution provided a cost effective business continuity/disaster recovery solution and migrated users and data to Office 365.
Success: The solution provided by Managed Solution ensures the financial organization will meet regulatory compliance requirements during an audit. By moving to the cloud, the financial organization didn't need to purchase new on premise hardware, which reduced hardware infrastructure costs and provided an easy solution for growth. The fixed-cost model and 24/7 help desk and unlimited on-site support has increased employee productivity and helped them learn and leverage their technology tools. Now their current employees no longer have to mange their current IT issues, as Managed Solution is managing their infrastructure. The financial organization can focus on growing their business, instead of focusing on IT.

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