Bumble is launching video stories to show more of your match

By Fitz Tepper as written on techcrunch.com


Bumble will soon release BumbleVID, which will allow users from across the dating platform to create a story with unlimited 10-second videos, which will each delete after 24 hours.
Here’s how it will work. Users record 10-second videos from directly within Bumble. These videos then post to their profile, and can be viewed by anyone who comes across their profile while swiping. You can also draw on these video, and eventually the dating app will introduce features to add additional depth to your video – like filters, location tagging, etc.
You can also add pre-recorded videos, but only ones taken in the last 24 hours, and they will be marked with an indicator saying they weren’t added “live”. And just like on Instagram and Snapchat, you’ll be able to see how many people saw your videos and who the people were.
In addition to being shown on each person’s profile when you’re swiping, the videos will be shown on the connections and conversations page – so you can see the video stories of anyone you are talking to, as well as the stories of people who you’ve connected with but haven’t started talking to.
The feature will launch in the next few weeks, and be available for everyone who is photo verified on the platform. The company had a bit of a setback with photo verification, mainly due to a response that exceeded their ability to verify every picture by hand. But they are now re-rolling out the feature on a limited scale, and expect it to be fully available soon.
Whitney Wolfe, cofounder and CEO of Bumble, explained that video had been on the company’s radar for a long time – but that the foray into video is much riskier for a company that connects strangers, instead of a company that connects friends (like Instagram and Snapchat). Nevertheless, Wolfe explained that after 2 years it was time for Bumble to add video, especially when video has become a part of every other major social platform.


Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
Pioneered by Snapchat, a video story consisting of 10-second clips that delete in 24 hours is now the de-facto way to share stories on the internet. Even Instagram’s CEO admitted that their hot new feature was inspired by Snapchat, saying “they deserve all the credit”. And in a similar vein, Wolfe explained that there’s no need to have an ego and try to reinvent the way short-form video is done on mobile. She said Bumble’s main focus is providing value to users, and making them relearn a new way of sharing video instead of adopting the hyper popular “story” method would just be a disservice.
A Stronger Incentive to Create Content 
Swipe-based dating apps are currently pretty static. You work hard to create a profile, then essentially sit around (and swipe) while waiting for someone to swipe on you. There’s just not much more you can do to make your profile more interesting. Until now.
What’s a better incentive to create content than an opportunity to score a date with a guy or girl that you wouldn’t have otherwise matched with?
Take this example: You’re out with your friends on Friday night and want to share a short clip on one of your stories, but the moment won’t last to capture video in each platform individually. So which one do you pick? Instagram, Snapchat, or….Bumble?
Typically you’d just pick the platform where you have the biggest following or group of friends – for me that’s Instagram. But what if there’s a girl or guy you just matched with on Bumble who hasn’t started a conversation yet, and you really want to get their attention. It’s a no brainer that you’re going to eschew your friends on Instagram for the chance to impress a potential date.
BumbleVID will also help engagement – more people will spend more time on the platform, since they now will want to watch a video on each profile they swipe.
Adds Reality to Dating
A side effect of being static is that profiles on dating apps are still pretty perfect. Notice I’m not saying fake – it’s hard to succeed long term on Bumble or Tinder if you have straight-up fake pictures and information, especially with Bumble’s new photo verification features.
However, there is certainly a tightly-curated aesthetic that most people try to maintain on social platforms. And this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Sure it’s important to look pretty and sound cool, but you don’t want to come off as a person that is totally different from who you will be in person.
So BumbleVID could fix this. If enough people start creating video content on a regular basis, it could actually become weird to not have un-polished, ephemeral video always on your profile.


Managed Solution and Just In Time “Geek-Up” College Bound Foster Youth

Learn how College Bound and Just in Time Foster Youth are enable young adults to pave their way into universities and streamline their career success.

San Diego, CA –June 22, 2015

For six years now, Managed Solution has supported transitioning foster youth in the Just in Time College Bound Program by donating thousands of dollars of hardware and software solutions to help students excel in college, along with providing the help desk services they may need on their journey through higher education.

Over the past few months, Managed Solution, a highly honored and tenured managed services company and pioneer in managed, utility-based cloud computing, has been prepping laptops with imaging applications and security updates to prepare them to be distributed to youth at the Annual College Bound Award Day, June 20, 2015.

Just In Time for Foster Youth is a local non-profit that engages a caring community to help transitioning foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being. Their College Bound Program delivers essential resources and encouragement for youth attending college.

Participating youth connect with potential lifelong mentors and successful JIT College Bound alumni to receive laptops and printers, learn valuable tips on money management, legal matters and practical purchases, and pair up with a JIT volunteer shopper to buy essential dorm furnishings and school supplies.


“Currently, I’m proud to say we are servicing over 400 local foster youth who overcame challenges to successfully begin a new life chapter as college students and continue their path to become confident, capable and connected.”

  • Jennell Mott, business operations manager & community relations, Managed Solution.


Volunteers, sponsors and youth gathered at the University of San Diego on June 20, for the College Bound Award Day. This event is where foster youth College Bound members receive their laptops, printers, back packs and shopping cards to go dorm supply shopping.

The Managed Solution team was honored to distribute laptops to over 65 youth, who received essential resources to help them succeed in their first year in college.

“It is such a heart-warming experience to see these youth who have faced so much before the age of 18 feel like they now have a support system and family called the JIT community,” says Mott.

“Just in Time is an outstanding local organization that is making a difference in the lives of the foster youth in our community,” said Sean Ferrel, chief executive officer at Managed Solution. “As a local provider of technology services and solutions, we feel strongly about being involved in the community and we are proud to be able to continue to help further the cause of this great organization.”

For information on volunteering or donating to Just in Time for Foster Youth, please visit


About Just in Time for Foster Youth

Just In Time for Foster Youth is a local non-profit that engages a caring community to help transitioning foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being.

JIT is the only volunteer driven San Diego organization that functions as an extended family for transitioning foster youth by providing much needed gap services to support them on their path to self-sufficiency.


About Managed Solution

Managed Solution is the premier provider of outsourced IT support and managed services for small to large size businesses. Founded in 2002, the company quickly grew into a market leader and is recognized as one of the fastest growing IT Companies in Southern California.

Managed Solution continues to deliver award-winning services paired with leading business technologies to assist clients in running their business efficiently.

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