Recently, Microsoft teamed up with iHeartRadio to bring exclusive iHeartRadio integration on Windows 10. Both of the companies are teaming up again to send two fans to Los Angeles to listen to James Bay. The companies are sending two fans to Los Angles in a concert on 1st December. If you want to get a chance to win a ticket, you will have to answer what’s your favorite James Bay song in this Facebook post and add the tags #GrooveSweepstakes #GrooveMusic and #iHeartRadio to enter. However, if you don’t want to use Facebook, you can follow the official Windows Store account on Twitter, and tweet what’s your favorite James Bay song with the hashtags #iHeartRadio and #GrooveSweepstakes.
To Enter Via Twitter: To enter the Sweepstakes, you must log in to your Twitter account and become a Windows Store follower at http://www.twitter.com/WindowsStore and accept the Windows Store as a follower. You may then tweet “your favorite James Bay Song” during the Entry Period, along with the hashtag #GrooveSweepstakes and #iHeartRadio. Entry must also tag @WindowsStore in order to be considered complete. Upon completion of your entry, you will be entered into the random drawing. Following @WindowsStore is required to facilitate awarding of the prize. If you do not have a Twitter account, and you would like to create one for free, visit http://www.twitter.com. In the event of a dispute as to any entry, the authorized account holder of the email address used to set up the Twitter account.
To Enter Via Facebook: To enter the Sweepstakes, log-in to Facebook (or create an account if you do not already have one), and visit the Windows Store Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MSWindowsStore. At the beginning of the Entry Period, the Sponsor will post an image and call-to-action (“Post”) on its timeline. To receive an entry into the Sweepstakes, you must comment on the Post with your favorite James Bay Song and include #GrooveSweepstakes, #iHeartRadio, and #GrooveMusic. Each such comment on the Post is an entry. You may only use one (1) Facebook account ID to enter this Sweepstakes. Normal internet access charges imposed by you online service provider will apply.
For those wondering, Microsoft will announce the names of two lucky fans on November 9. If you want to find out more about the contest, head over to this link.


Check out the amazing Power BI visuals and enter the contest.

aws city on a cloud

City on a Cloud

AWS simplifies IT workloads that governments struggle with every day, making it easier to deploy and manage the technology our customers depend on, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Content Management Systems (CMS), Open Data portals, and more. All of these applications run on AWS and make it easier for governments to deliver their services.
Through their City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge, we recognize local and regional governments are hubs of innovation, driving technology solutions to help improve citizens' lives. Visit our map of the "City on a Cloud" to learn what cities can do with cloud computing or see the solutions deployed by last year's winners here.

City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge 2015

Local and regional governments are innovating quickly to respond to the needs of their citizens. From transportation to planning to utilities, governments are using cloud computing to transform the way they interact with citizens and think about their future.
If you are a local or regional government leader or a technology partner who has deployed an innovative solution to solve a government challenge, we want to hear about it in the Best Practices or Partners in Innovation Award Categories. Or, if you have a great idea that you'd like to implement in your city, we encourage you to submit it in the Dream Big Award Category.

Learn more and submit your entry here.

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