Why Modern Business Turns to Blended IT

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of employing a blended IT workforce, which can benefit your company in a number of ways. Below are some reasons why modern business is turning to a blended IT workforce.
  • CIOs are under pressure to boost business results and develop customer-facing applications.
  • Hiring Managers and CIOs complain that they lack the kind of IT staff that drive business results.
  • 27% of modern IT and business leaders would remake their company's IT departments from scratch, according to a recent IDGE survey.
  • Companies need to have deep expertise in all of the many technologies and tools available today.
  • Full-time staff may not be equipped to tackle larger technology issues.
The blended IT workforce is becoming more and more popular because it involves utilizing a mix of full-time employees, independent contractors and temporary workers. This approach has resulted in increased productivity and decreased overall IT spending.

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