SharePoint Online improves external sharing

As written by Mark Kashman on blogs.office.com
Getting work done often requires working not only within the company boundaries but also working beyond the firewall with business contacts who do not fall within your corporate domain. We’ve been hard at work to enhance the external sharing user experience so that sharing is more and more friction free, for both users and admins.
As such, we’ve made the following improvements to SharePoint Online and Office 365:
  • Get a link: create anonymous Guest Links in one click within
    the Office 365 user interface.
  • Members can share: enable site members to invite external users, not
    just the site collection owner.
  • All invitees on same
    email To line: start a collaborative email with *everyone* when sharing a site or document.
These new external sharing updates are rolling out live worldwide right now.
Let’s dive into the details.

Get a link

It’s now possible, in one click, to generate a Guest Link (either a View Only or Edit anonymous link to a document) directly from your SkyDrive Pro and your SharePoint Online document libraries’ user interface. You click, copy and paste, and go. And when you no longer want the Guest Link to be active, you can disable it at any time from the document’s same Share dialog box.
sharepoint online improves external sharing - managed solution
The External Sharing dialog box now has a merged Invite people tab, a Get a link tab and a Shared with tab, so all the ways to share are in one place.

Members can share

Much of SharePoint Online and Office 365 is about administration delegation: empowering others to make the right business decisions, paired with giving them the right levels of control. Site collection admins can now allow members of the site to send a sharing invitation-both internal and external-without requiring the site collection admin to first approve/reject the invitation request. This removes a common barrier to sharing while enabling finer grain control per your preferred governance and productivity plans.
Learn more about Members can share (video) on Office.com.

All invitees on same email To line

We’ve made it easier to notify all recipients at the same time, on the same email. Now, when you share with multiple people via the sharing dialog box in SharePoint Online, a single email message is sent to everyone you shared with-with you included on the Cc line-rather than sending a separate email to each recipient. Note: external email addresses typed in the people picker will still send individual external invitations, because external invitees need unique invitation links that properly route them through the external sharing process associated with Microsoft Account.
sharepoint online improves external sharing 2 - managed solution
From the Share dialog box in SharePoint Online, you can share with multiple recipients with a single email message. Email recipients see all invitees on the To line.

Start sharing

Whether you’re collaborating with employees, customers, partners or suppliers, we hope the new set of external sharing enhancements helps you work more efficiently, delegate effectively, and collaborate.


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