Press Release: Empowering Future Entrepreneurs, CEO Sean Ferrel tells all.

Managed Solution Goes to Clairmont Highschool

In an empowering session at Clairemont High School, CEO of Managed Solution, Sean Ferrel, recently addressed senior students enrolled in their internship program, delivering a stirring address on entrepreneurship. Sean's wealth of experience and success in the business world provided the students with invaluable insights into the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship.

His engaging talk focused on instilling a mindset that transcends traditional career paths, encouraging the seniors to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit within themselves. During his discussion, Sean emphasized the importance of seeking opportunities to connect people, highlighting how building meaningful relationships can be a driving force in business success.


Journey to CEO

He shared anecdotes from his own journey, illustrating the impact of fostering genuine connections and collaborative efforts. Furthermore, Sean underscored the significance of ethical business practices, urging students to prioritize doing the right thing in all their professional endeavors.

A central theme of Sean's motivational talk was the encouragement to embrace risk as an essential element of the entrepreneurial journey. He inspired the students to view challenges not as obstacles but as stepping stones to growth and innovation.


Insight for future entrepreneurs

By fostering a culture of calculated risk-taking, Sean aimed to empower these young minds to approach their future careers with resilience, adaptability, and an entrepreneurial mindset. The event left a lasting impression on the students, equipping them with the knowledge and inspiration to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.


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From high school and beyond--with the right resources and purpose, anyone can achieve success in leadership. Check out some of the resources below to learn more about embracing the world of business and entrepreneurship.


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Managed Solution Turns 20 in 2022- Cheers to 20 years!

Culture - Managed Solution

On December 8, 2015, Managed Solution hosted a Job Shadow Event for 60 students from Clairemont High School to learn first-hand critical IT skills through Junior Achievement's job shadow initiative. The collaboration kicked off Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 8- 11) which encourages students to pursue careers in STEM-related industries.

Sean Ferrel, CEO and founder of Managed Solution welcomed students, told them about the fastest growing IT company in Southern California and shared his journey of how he got to where he is today. After Ferrel answered career questions, students were split into groups to visit six project-based activities led by Managed Solution employees.

The educational job shadow program included sessions/activities on app development, coding/web design, channel partner marketing, project management, technical cloud development and video production.

Clairemont High School Information Technology Academy students had fun naming their groups and contributing to the filming, photographing and editing of the video recap from the event.

View more photos from the event on our Facebook page here.

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