Get to Know Your Customers

The Managed Solution Sales Team shares their favorite ways to build relationships with customers

By Kelly Cronin
Happy official Get to Know Your Customers Day! Every great sales team knows the best part of working with customers on a daily basis is building relationships with each and every customer.  Sometimes connecting with customers means stepping outside of the office environment.  To celebrate the big day, we asked our sales team what their favorite techniques are to get to know their customers better.
Here are some of the responses we got:

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"I really enjoy having lunch or dinner with my customers. It’s great to talk over good food and get them away from the office. I learn a lot more about their personal life and get to know them as potential friends, not just clients."

-Kim Wolf

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"I connect with customers by asking them about their favorite restaurants and activities – people enjoy talking about the things they love, which makes it easier to connect on a personal level before getting down to business."

 - Danielle Hamra

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"I like to get them out of the office for a drink or a bite to eat.  This helps get more personal and less salesy!"

-Tina Rountree

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"My favorite way to build relationships is to get to know them on a personal level by asking about their kids, hobbies, etc."

-April Koeing

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"Just take the time to hear a little about their personal life.  Usually you have something more in common with everyone you meet if you let yourself have an ordinary conversation.  I met with a customer here in town on Monday and the next time I spoke to him he ended the call 'thanks my friend'"

-Cherla Ramsey


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