Groove Podcast is a beautiful podcast client for Windows 10

By by Mehedi Hassan @mehedih as written on microsoft-news.com
If you listen to a lot of podcasts, you were probably looking for a good podcasts app on the Windows Store. Unfortunately, the Windows Store doesn’t really include a lot of good quality apps, especially for podcasts. Today, I found out about a really nice podcast app for Windows 10: Groove Podcast.
No, it’s not from Microsoft. But, let me tell you, this is better than the Windows Phone Podcasts app. Groove Podcast includes a user interface inspired by Groove Music, and it looks really beautiful. And when it comes to features, the app doesn’t disappoint either — from the ability to search for podcasts, to the ability to download podcasts, the app includes quite a lot of features:
  • Stream podcasts directly from app
  • Search and subscribe to podcasts using the search box. (iTunes API Integration)
  • Option to automatically remove podcasts already listened
  • Option to show system notification when there’s new podcasts available
  • Option to automatically download new podcasts
  • Reorder the podcasts catalog (Drag / Drop)
  • Themes Light and Dark
  • Full integration with system audio playback
  • Support to import/export OPML files.

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