Nationwide Senior Living Facility Saves $250,000 with Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure & Improves Employees IT Experience

Industry: Healthcare/Senior Living
Business Needs:
A large, nationwide Senior Living Facility with over 24 offices and more than 1200 employees needed to reduce IT capital and operational expenses while improving employee collaboration. The organization needed to focus on implementing new and innovative ideas to upgrade their IT infrastructure, move the business forward, and address HIPPA & PCI compliance issues. They also needed a partner that would ensure their infrastructure was running properly so they didn't need to focus on IT support.
Managed Solution partnered with the firms IT department to create a hybrid cloud solution to virtualize more of their servers and move beyond virtualization to a private and public cloud environment. The hybrid cloud environment provided a solution for some applications to run on-premise in a Microsoft-based private cloud environment and others to run in Windows Azure, the Microsoft public cloud development, hosting, and management environment. Delivering IT as a Service provided the Senior Living facility with a solution that was able to provide reliable IT services that supported growth, reduced costs and improved the end user experience. Managed Solution implemented this strategy by performing a thorough network assessment of their existing infrastructure and understanding the firm’s business objectives.
By building a hybrid cloud infrastructure, the organization has dramatically reduced its IT spend by over $250,000 in the first year. This model supports business growth, addresses compliance issues and provides critical data back-up and disaster preparedness at an affordable price. The savings come from server consolidation, power and cooling, datacenter real estate, and management costs. Additionally, by standardizing, virtualizing, and cloud-enabling its IT assets, the firm reduced IT costs, enhanced end user experience, upgraded infrastructure and addressed HIPPA & PCI compliance concerns.

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