Arnold Schwarzenegger Skype’s With A Fan Who Has Brain Cancer

After Reddit user Courser posted a heartwarming message about his brother Todd on the Reddit Bodybuilding forum, other users took action. Todd has autism and severe learning disabilities and he unfortunately got diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme) this past spring. "Can anyone suggest another way to reach him? I want to see my brother’s face light up on his last Christmas morning, and an autograph from his idol is the best thing I can think of," was the message that his brother shared. People immediately began to upvote the post and tag Schwarzenegger (/u/GovSchwarzenegger) in it. Before long, it was the top post on Reddit and many were tweeting about it with the hashtag #HelpTodd.
Arnold got the message and arranged a skype session with Todd. With the help of Reddit and Arnold it’s great to know someone’s Christmas will be just a bit brighter this year!

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