Microsoft’s CEO says that Cortana and personal assistants to replace the browser

By Greg Jordan as written on
Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Now, both great virtual assistants in their own right, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes that soon assistants like these will replace our web browsers in the future.
At the O’Reilly Next: Economy summit, Nadella spoke on the possibility of users browsing the web through a voice assistant.
“To me, AI is going to happen,” says Nadella during his keynote. “It’s technology that’s inevitable.”
The idea isn’t for the browser to disappear completely, only the way that we interact with it. Instead of using a keyboard and mouse to navigate a webpage, our voice assistants will search the web for us and present that information in a natural way.
Nadella says that it will be perfectly normal to see people walking down the street, talking to their personal assistants.
“‘Hey Cortana’ is in my vocabulary. Having that become more pervasive is my pursuit,” Nadella told the summit.
With Cortana on various Windows devices, and now in beta on iOS and Android, this definitely seems possible.
What do our readers think, can you imagine a future where your only access to the world wide web is your voice assistant, let us know in the comments. Check out the video below to see what Cortana is capable of:

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