The Home Run Derby is Heating Up in July! Check Out All the New Microsoft Certs Obtained By Our Team

Managed Solution's Home Run Derby is heating up in July! Thanks to our dedicated teammates at Managed Solution, we are officially a Gold Cloud Platform Microsoft Partner for Azure and now have our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advisor (CSA).  Congratulations to everyone who helped obtain these new organizational level Microsoft competencies.
The Home Run Derby program provides fun incentives for our engineers to fulfill Microsoft certifications by using a customized incentive path with a baseball theme in mind. The program is structured to give individuals a customized plan that specifically aligns with their daily technical skills, as well as a plan for teams to earn points and money for successfully passing Microsoft certification exams.
Home Run Derby announcements are listed below and shared on our internal SharePoint site so engineers and other employees could see weekly highlights and congratulate one another on their progress.

Congrats to all our Home Run Hitters!




Certifications help engineers grow professionally as well as help Managed Solution grow as a company. Players are continuing to be added to the roster. Below is an example of one of our leading teams with several players on deck to bat (scheduled exams in the near future).