GoPro brings us inside some of the biggest barrels in Tahiti with new Facebook 360-Degree Video: a step towards even more immersive experiences

Facebook released 360-degree video support in September and it is now available on iPhones and other iOS devices, allowing users to get a full 360 immersive experience by moving their camera around.
On Nov. 12, GoPro launched its new spherical content shot with its proprietary six-camera spherical rig announced earlier this year. The video features Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet as they bring us inside some of the biggest barrels Tahiti has to offer in full 360-degrees.
The first two GoPro 360-videos featured Ronnie Renner FMX doing some wicked dune jumping in Idaho and skiers Julia Mancuso and Chris Davenport sliding down the slopes of Chile.
"This opens new ways of sharing experiences and makes you feel like you're part of what you're watching. It's a step towards even more immersive experiences," said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. "We think people will share a lot more 360 content in the future, especially as technology makes it easier to record it themselves," he wrote in a new Facebook post.
"People can discover these immersive 360 videos right in News Feed on web, iOS, and Android, where viewers can choose what angle they want to see it from," GoPro explained. Check out GoPro's new 360-degree video on Facebook.
Facebook 360 Degree Video:
(Photo: GoPro)

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